Update on mandatory National Student Numbers (NSNs)

We would like to thank all early learning services for ensuring every child is assigned a NSN upon enrolment at their service. Since this requirement became mandatory within all Student Management Systems (SMSs), we have had an expected increase in the number of unverified NSNs created for children. This shows a great effort being conducted by services to ensure all children have NSNs assigned upon enrolment, as required under the ELI Principles of Use.

Unverified NSNs enable services to enrol children at their service when their official identification documentation is unavailable. This allows services time to obtain the official identification documentation and update the NSN as verified in their SMS.

If you need assistance in creating an unverified NSN or verifying an unverified NSN in your SMS, you can contact the Ministry of Education on 0800 ECE ECE (0800 323 323).

For further information on assigning NSNs to children, please refer to the Questions and Answers page on the ELI Homepage.