Reminder about the update on the allocation of National Student Numbers (NSNs)

The Early Learning Information (ELI) Principles of Use require that all children must be assigned a National Student Number (NSN) when enrolling in ECE. On enrolment at your early learning service, every child must be allocated an NSN and be recorded within the ELI system through ELI Web or an approved Student Management System (SMS).

To support this requirement, from today, 18 September 2017, it is now mandatory for SMS vendors to ensure that an NSN is allocated to each child on enrolment in early childhood education (ECE) through ELI. If you do not have a child’s official identification documentation on enrolment, this does not prevent them being enrolled and you can request to have an unverified NSN created by contacting the Ministry of Education on 0800 ECE ECE (0800 323 323).

Your SMS vendor has now implemented this requirement change and should have notified you of any process changes for assigning NSNs within your SMS. Please contact your SMS vendor if you have any questions about the new SMS processes.

For further information on assigning NSNs to children, please refer to the Questions and Answers page on the ELI Homepage.