Preparing for the June 2017 ECE census

The early childhood education (ECE) census week this year is 19 to 25 June 2017.

All early learning services connected to the Early Learning Information (ELI) System need to submit an electronic ECE Return through ELI Web or an approved student management system (SMS) by 11 July 2017. Services need to ensure that all children are allocated a national student number (NSN), all enrolment and attendance data is up to date, and all staff details are current before beginning the ECE Return. In particular, services need to ensure their staff qualification and certification information is up to date for each staff member.

Early learning services not connected to ELI will need to return the RS61, which will be provided in advance by the Ministry of Education.

The ECE census collects information on children’s enrolment and attendance as well as on staff, teaching languages and wait times at each service. This information contributes to a comprehensive information base on ECE in New Zealand and is used by the Ministry to monitor and forecast ECE expenditure and design new policies.

In advance of the ECE census due date, please ensure your local office is informed of any changes to your service’s contact details.

For more information about the ECE Return, refer to the ECE Return Questions & Answers page.

For any questions about this information, please call 0800 ECE ECE (0800 323 323) or email