July 2017 RS7 Return

Early learning services need to submit an RS7 Return (funding claim) between 1 and 8 June 2017 for the February to May 2017 period.

Payment for correctly completed and on-time returns will be made overnight on 3 July 2017, provided all other funding requirements have been met. RS7 Returns received after 8 June 2017 will result in a late payment.

We strongly advise services to submit their RS7 return by 6pm to be processed overnight and received by the Ministry the following day.  Late evening submissions may result in delays to your payment.

All early learning services connected to, or eligible to connect to, the Early Learning Information (ELI) System are required to submit an electronic RS7 Return via the service’s student management system (SMS) or ELI Web. The only exceptions to this are:

·     If your service has changed SMS during the funding period (which sometimes occurs with a change of ownership), you will need to submit your funding claim for the period prior to the change using a paper form and for the period after the change via your current SMS.

·     If your service has closed during the funding period, your entire funding claim will need to be submitted using a paper form.

·     If your service operates a notional roll, your funding claim will need to be submitted using a paper form.

Services falling into the categories above should have received paper RS7 forms. If you believe your service needs to submit a paper-based funding claim, but you did not receive a form, please email the Ministry at ECE.funding@education.govt.nz.

Once you have submitted your electronic RS7 Return, you can check in your SMS to see if it has been successfully submitted. You can also look in ELI Reports the next day to check that the Ministry has received your electronic RS7 Return.

Electronic RS7 Returns for the February to May 2017 period can be re-submitted up until 31 August 2017.

For more information about the electronic RS7 Return, please visit the Funding (The RS7 Return) Questions & Answers page or call the Ministry on 0800 ECE ECE (0800 323 323).