Information regarding managing a change of ownership or SMS, or service closure

Early learning services must inform the Ministry of Education of any change to the way they operate that affects the management of Early Learning Information (ELI) data. Managing these changes correctly is one requirement of the ELI Principles of Use: providing the Ministry with up-to-date enrolment and attendance information.

Ending children’s enrolments, updating attendance and assigning National Student Numbers (NSNs) to children in your old SMS as soon as you can, will greatly reduce the time it takes to be set up on your new SMS.

Please see the table below for the actions required for each change situation.

Nature of Change


Change of   student management system (SMS)

  1. Advise the Ministry as soon as you know you will be changing systems by calling 0800 ECE ECE (0800 323 323) or by   emailing and provide the intended date of the changeover of your SMS (this date should correspond with the date the business changed hands, if a change of ownership has taken place).
  2. Advise your new SMS provider of the date you intend to begin using their software and complete the appropriate forms for ELI   access:
  3. Ensure all data in your current system is up-to-date as at the last day of using the system, with all children allocated a NSN, and all enrolments ended before or on this day. Data for the next day of operation should be recorded in your new system only.
  4. Re-enrol all children in your new SMS.

Change of   ownership only

In the event the new owner does not have access to any information within the SMS for the period when the former owner was managing the service, follow steps for change of student management system (SMS).

Service closure

Ensure all data in your system is up-to-date, and all enrolments ended as at the last day of operation.

Helpful hint

It is recommended that where possible, ECE services should try to avoid changing their SMS during the ECE Census week, and should attempt to change systems at the beginning of one of the three funding periods. This will greatly reduce the administrative burden on services.