Information for SMS Integration

Information and documents for SMSs interested in connecting to ELI.

New SMS integration to the ELI system: January 2020 tranche

The 2020 tranche for new early childhood education (ECE) SMS vendors to integrate with the Ministry has now closed.

In July 2020, the Ministry may reassess the need to support any further ECE SMSs integration to the ELI system for the 2021 tranche.

When an SMS is applying for a tranche, it is important to note that the SMS must meet the following criteria at the time of application:

1. SMS Development Criteria 

  • The SMS must already be developed (as per ELI Integration Specification Information below) with all intended functionality including the NSI and ELI requirements such as:
    • child creation
    • child enrolment
    • child booking schedule
    • 20 Hours ECE
    • attendance marking
    • annual ECE Return data (e.g. staff details and qualifications)
    • RS7 Return (e.g. calculation for funding periods).
  • The developed SMS must be capable of supporting:
    • Centre-based (includes Education & Care, and Kindergarten) and Home-based services
    • sessional and all-day licensed services
    • a minimum of 50 services
    • early learning services to meet funding and regulatory requirements (as per the ECE Funding Handbook and Regulatory Framework for ECE).
  • The remaining development left to do during the ELI integration process are the National Student Index (NSI) and ELI integration components (i.e. interface to NSI and creation of events and transmission of events to ELI).

2. SMS Operational Support

  • Please refer to the ELI/NSI SMS Vendor Integration & Operational Support Approach document.

Application Documents

Please send the following Application Documents as attachments to

ELI Integration Specification Information

  • NSI GINS document – The technical specification for interfacing to the National Student Index (NSI).  This document includes the REST instructions for implementation (Section 5) and must be read in conjunction with the ECE NSI GINS Appendix. Please contact for a copy of this resource.
  • ECE NSI GINS Appendix v1.41 [PDF, 493KB] – The general and functional requirements of Search, Add and Update of the NSI for integration into your SMS. This must be read in conjunction with the NSI GINS document.
  • InfoHub Specification [PDF, 663KB] – The technical specification for interfacing to InfoHub. 
  • ELI Data Collection Specification 7.0 [PDF, 2.8MB] (December 2019) – The technical specification contains both data information collection and validation requirements for ELI Events and ECE Returns.
    • ELI Event 7.0.xsd [Zip, 3KB] - Appendix A from the ELI Data Collection Specification. Mandatory XSD Validation schema must be used to validate the format of each message to be sent to the ELI system. Application of the validation will reduce the potential for transmission failure.
  • RS7 Return Specification 2.0 [PDF, 1.45MB] – The technical specification for automating the four monthly RS7 Returns submitted by ECE services.