Support for school Delegated Authorisers

This guide is intended to familiarise yourself with the key ESL Online school Delegated Authoriser functions and responsibilities. It will show you how to invite staff to your school, and also how to maintain ESL user accounts for staff at your school.

Your role as a school Delegated Authoriser

If you’re a school Delegated Authoriser, you can view and maintain staff that have ESL user accounts for your school with access to Education Sector applications.

ESL online provides a school delegated authoriser with the ability to:

  • Send invites for your school staff that are not already in your list of users in ESL Online
  • Maintain your school staff ESL user details and access to Education Sector applications
  • Unlock and/or Reset your school staff ESL user accounts
  • Generate a report with details of your school staff ESL user accounts

Please note: Some access roles need approvals which require Education Service Desk intervention. All other changes that you make in ESL online are available to your users immediately.

Logon as a school Delegated Authoriser

Go to the Education Sector Logon page for school Delegated Authorisers:

We recommend you save this URL as a favourite on any web browsers you use.

Enter your ESL username and password and select ‘Login’.

Please Note: You must have the ESL School Delegated Authoriser access role on your ESL user account to be able to login successfully. Details on how to request this type of access is available here;


DA Landing page

You will be presented with the Delegated Authorisers landing page.

It should display your name next to the 'Logout' button on the top right of the screen. If someone elses name is displayed please advise the Education Service Desk straight away.

A list of your school staff users is displayed to the right by default, up to 20 users can be shown on the screen at one time. Details displayed are Name, email and Username.

Please note: If no staff have an ESL user account with access to Education Sector applications for your school this section to the right will be empty.


This landing page main function is to search for users at your achool.

You can search for a user or a group of users by using the various searchable fields.

The left hand menu allows a school Delegated Authoriser to navigate to additional user management functions such as invite user, search invites and reports.

You can also switch between a school Delegated Authoriser access and Self-Service access. Self Service access allows you to view and manage some of your own ESL user account details.

Please note: If you are a school Delegated Authoriser for more than one school you can select the school context from the Organisation search field.

Evidence of Identity requirements

Before you send staff an email invite, you need to confirm that you have sighted their Evidence of Identity documents. You can read more about the EOI requirements at:

Invite a user to access your school

You can invite new staff that require ESL user access to Education Sector Applications at your school. 

The list of Education Sector Applications that your school use will vary depending on your school type.

Invite user

Enter user's personal details as per the EOI documents:

Select the required Organisation and associated access roles followed by the invite button.




An email invitation will be sent to the user to complete the process. The invite will expire after 14 days if the user does not complete the invite process. If this happens, you can re-send an invite.

Detailed instructions of how users can accept an email Invite is available here;

Resend a user invite

If a user’s invite has timed out before they complete the process, or the invite was sent to an incorrect email address, then you resend the invite.

Navigate to the "Search invites' function from the left hand navigation menu.


You will need to search for the user’s invite by entering a search criteria and pressing ‘search’.

Click on the user’s name to access the invite details screen.

Note: the search invite function has a default setting to find pending and timed out invites (see checkboxes)


From the invite details screen, click on ‘resend invite’.


You will asked to confirm the email address before resending the invite.


Search for a user

You can find a user at your school by performing a search on the ‘search users’ page.

You need to enter a search criteria and then press the ‘search’ button.

Exact search

The search will return records that are an exact match on the criteria that you enter unless you perform a wildcard search.

For example: if your search criteria is

-          Roberts (surname field)

Then the system will return all users with a last name of Roberts.


Wildcard search

You can perform a wildcard search to return a larger range of users.

For example: if your search criteria is

-          Roberts* (surname field)

Then the system will return all users with a last name that contains Roberts

 (e.g. Robertson will be returned as well as Roberts)


Update user details

A user can edit their own contact details as part of self-service. Any changes to personal details must be done by a DA or the Education Service Desk and required a new Evidence of Identity check.




Update user access to roles for applications

You can provision and de-provision application roles for your users by using the ‘edit roles and organisations’ function. You will need to find the user and click on their name to view their account details.

From the user’s account details screen, select the ‘edit roles and organisations’.


You can also access this function from the user management side menu.


From the edit roles and organisations page, make the required adjustments by selecting or de-selecting application roles.


Note: it is your responsibility that a user only has the access they need.

Leaving your school

If a user is leaving your school then you will need to remove your organisation from the user’s account to ensure that all access is de-provisioned from that users account.

Removing your school and access from a user


Reset user login details

If a user has forgotten their username or password, or is locked out their account then you can use the ‘reset login details’ functions to help them.

In all cases, you will need to find and open the user account to access the reset login details functions.

Reset password will email a one-time password to the user. The one-time password will expire after 4 hours.

Send username will email the username to user.

Unlock account can only be used to unlock an account that has a locked status.


School Reports from ESL

You can use the Reports functionality to view all ESL user accounts at your school and their associated applications and access.

A report can be created to:

  • Generate a list of all of your ESL users and their access for all Education Sector applications (you can do this by leaving the application field blank) 
  • Generate a list of your ESL users for a specific Education Sector application (you can do this by selecting the application from the application field)

The report will be generated as a Microsoft Excel download.