How to use Self Service

Information for Education Sector Logon users on how to use Education Sector Logon Self Service.

The Self Service area of the Education Sector Logon system allows you to view your Education Sector Logon user account details, change your password, review and update your challenge responses and view the education sector applications you have been granted access to.

Self Service Logon

Access the Education Sector Logon (ESL) Self Service URL here 

Enter your ESL User ID and Password and click the Logon button. Once authenticated, the user will be presented with the Self Service Portal.

If you cannot remember what your ESL User ID is you will have to contact the Education Service Desk. Once your identity is verified, the Education Service Desk can confirm your Education Sector User ID. 

Self Service Portal


The left section includes these self service functions;


  • Change my password - You can update your ESL Password
  • Change my details - You can view some personal details about your account
  • Change challenge responses - You can view and update your Challenge Questions
  • Register digital certificate - This no longer works
  • Logout - When you are finished using Self Service you should always logout here


The middle section identifies the given name/s on your Education Sector Logon account, your User ID and a date & time stamp of your last logon.

The right section allows you to view the education sector applications you have been granted access to. Please Note: Not all the Application links in this section work correctly. We do not recommend using these links to access your Applications.

The bottom section includes useful information for all Education Sector Logon users and can be accessed from all self service screens and Education Sector Logon screens;

  • About Connecting the Sector
  • Help?
  • Privacy
  • Conditions of Use 

Self Service Logout

Make sure you logout and close down the browser once you have finished using the Education Sector Logon Self Service.

If you don't logout it may cause you issues when you next try to logon to an Education Sector Logon Application.

Self Service URLs

These Self Service URLs are available for all users with an active Education Sector Logon user account.


Self Service Support

The Education Service Desk is available Monday to Friday, between the hours of 7:30am and 5:30pm.

Phone: 0800 422 599