Forgotten password assistance

Detailed instructions for Education Sector Logon users on how to use the Forgotten your Password function if you forget your account password.

To reset your password, select Forgotten password hyperlink from the ELS logon screen.


You will need to enter your username and the email address that is associated with your account.

You will be asked to complete your security questions.

Note: If you have not set up your security questions then you will need to contact your school Delegated Authoriser or the Education Service Desk.


One you complete your security answers, you will be presented with the following page. You will need to enter a one-time password. This will be sent to your email address. (see example below)


Note: If you accidentally exit away from the “choose new password” page, your one-time password will be valid for 4 hours and can be used to log into ESL.

You will be prompted to change your password once logged in.