Guidance for school Delegated Authorisers

Your role as a school Delegated Authoriser

If you’re a school Delegated Authoriser, you can view and maintain users from your school that access Education Sector applications.

ESL online provides you with the ability to:

  • Send email invites to:
    • New users to create an ESL account to access your school
    • Existing ESL users to access your school
  • Maintain existing user details and provision / de-provision a user’s application roles
  • Reset user account details and unlock user accounts
  • Generate school reports

Only role approvals require Service Desk intervention. All other changes that you make are available to your users immediately.

Getting Started

Logging into ESL

Go to the ESL page for Delegated Authorisers:

Enter your ESL username and password and select ‘Login’


You will be presented with the ‘Search Users’ landing page.


Navigating the Search Users landing page


Inviting users to access your school

You can send email invites to users that require access to your school.

  • New users can accept the invite to create a new ESL account
  • Existing users can accept the invite with a choice of:
    • Using their existing account to access your school (by logging in)
    • Creating a new account

Before you send a user invite, you need to confirm that you have sighted their Evidence of Identity documents. You can read more the EOI process at:

Invite user 

Navigate to the ‘invite user’ page.


Enter user details followed by the required access roles.


Note: User invites expire after 14 days.  

Resend an invite

If a user’s invite expires before they setup their ESL account or the invite was sent to an incorrect email address, then you can use the ‘resend invite’ function to resend the invite with an option of changing the email address. 


Search for a user

If you need to amend existing user details and access roles or reset their login details, then you will need to find and view the user’s profile. 


Editing user details and access

Edit a user’s account

A user can edit their contact details themselves. However, any changes to their personal details must be done by a DA or the Service Desk and requires a new Evidence of Identity check.

Edit user details




Updating user application roles

You can provision and de-provision application roles for your users by using the ‘edit roles and organisations’ function.

You will need to find and open the user’s account to update user access.

From the user’s account details screen:Select the ‘edit roles and organisations’ link



Note: it is your responsibility that a user only has the access they need.

Leaving your school

If a user is leaving your school then you will need to remove your organisation from the user’s account to ensure that all access is de-provisioned.

Removing your organisation from a user


Reset user login details

If a user has forgotten their username or password, or is locked out their account then you can use the ‘reset login details’ functions to help them.

In all cases, you will need to find and open the user account to access the reset login details functions.

Reset password will email a one-time password to the user. The one-time password will expire after 4 hours.

Send username will email the username to user.

Unlock account can only be used to unlock an account that has a locked status. 


Running reports from ESL

You can use the organisation report to view all users at your school and their associated application access roles.

The report can be used to: 

  • Generate a list of all of your users and their access for all ESL enabled applications (you can do this by leaving the application field blank) •
  • Generate a list of all of your users for a specific ESL enabled application (you can do this by selecting the application from the application field)

The report will be generated as an Excel download.

Running a report


The User Guide for Delegated Authorisers [PDF; 1.68Mb]