TKI Registration

Detailed information on how to register for a Te Kete Ipurangi user account.

Te Kete Ipurangi (TKI)

TKI uses the Education Sector Logon for user accounts.

A TKI account lets you personalise your experience - enabling you to save custom homepoage layouts, create kete, and save bookmarks and searches.

To Register for a TKI account;

1. Send an e-mail to the Education Service Desk with the following details for the new user: 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • e-mail Address

2. The Education Service Desk will then be able to create an Education Sector Logon account to be used for TKI access only. This may take 2-3 working days during busy periods. 

3. The new user will receive an e-mail confirming the details of the Education Sector Logon account.

4. Go to TKI, TKI - Te Kete Ipurangi

5. Access the Logon tab at the top right of the TKI Logon screen and use your new account details to personalise your TKI experience.

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TKI Logon Screen


For any further assistance contact the Education Service Desk