School Sector

Information for schools and kura on how to get an Education Sector Logon user account for accessing education sector school applications.

School staff access 

For school or kura staff access to education sector applications for schools, please contact your school or kura ESL Delegated Authoriser. If you are not sure who your school or kura ESL Delegated Authoriser(s) are then please check with a colleague or contact the Education Service Desk

Evidence of Identity requirements for an education sector logon user is here.

School ESL Delegated Authoriser request

Your school’s principal can delegate authorising responsibility to a staff member to authorise ESL accounts for staff at your school.

If you need to become a Delegated Authoriser for your school or kura, complete and submit the Education Sector Logon School Delegated Authoriser Request (ESL 10) Form [PDF, 40KB].

Support and guidance for school Delegated Authorisers

Support for school Delegated Authorisers is here.

Evidence of Identity responsibilities for school delegated authorisers is here.